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TailWrap Fleece Tail Braid The Original Tail Wrap

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Products Description

TailWrap is the only Tail wrap product on the market that guarantees it will stay in (when correct size is properly installed). TailWrap the lightest, easiest to install tail protection on the market, due to it's patented design.

TailWrap allows you to keep a horses tail covered and protected while also giving a deep conditioning treatment. When TailWrap is removed the tail is shiny, supple, flexible, tangle free and clean. TailWrap protects the hair from wind, sun and dirt in the summer. Horses that have a good tail will have the added benefit of not losing hair while protecting themselves from flies. Use TailWraps in the spring and never tear out hair while trying to remove mud balls again. Winter use gives you the advantage of entering the show and fly season with a thicker, fuller, longer tail, that was not a lot of work. TailWrap is easy to install. You are able to leave in 7-10 days in the summer while tail is active and up to 30 days in bug less seasons.

Color Choice: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Gray, Hunter Green, Navy, Purple and Red.
Tri colors come in assorted

The original TailWrap is super durable and very easy to work with.

Short 25 inches long - Fits 2 year olds, and ponies up to 14 hands $14.99

Medium 34 inches long - Fits 14.1 hand to 15.2 hand horses  $15.85

Long 42 inches long - Fits 15.2 hand to 16.2 hand horses. $16.70

X-long 54 inches long - Fits 16.2 hand to Lots of hands. $19.27


After shampooing the tail, apply a good conditioner. This will help the tail grow. Attach the "Tail Wrap" which can be left in place for several weeks with no problem. Note that when you remove the tail wrap how clean the tail has remained and how easy it is to now brush. The growth will also surprise you. This patented Tail Wrap is the favorite of many professional trainers. 


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