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Saddle Pads English

Saddle Pads English
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General Information

English Saddle Pads, Dressage Saddle Pads, All Purpose Saddle Pads, Therapeutic Saddle Pads

English saddle pads are usually shaped to fit the saddle. The original purpose of the English saddle pad was to protect the saddle from dirt and sweat, because the panels of an English saddle provided the necessary padding for the horse. More recently, colors have become more popular and square shaped pads provide a more flexible pad in terms of fitting saddles. English saddle pads are also made to alter the fit or balance of the saddle. New types of English saddle pads such as riser pads, that are thicker in the back than the front. Other pads are made with an opening to allow extra room for the withers, some are shaped to compensate for a swayback, and many modern "space age" materials absorb shock and moisture are used.

English saddle pads can be made of a number of materials. Cotton quilted saddle pads and fleece pads are the most common. However, recently new materials such as PVC coated mesh which breaths, stay in place and are easy to clean have been introduced to the riding industry. These pads are called non slip breathable pads. They will provide extra padding yet are quite thin which will keep the rider close to the horse.

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