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Low Port Paso Fino Bit

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Port Paso Fino Bit

Designed by professional trainers in South America. Comes with curb hooks and curb chain.

Size: 4 3/4


A Paso Fino is a gaited horse. Gaited horses come in a number varieties, some believe none surpass the quality and smoothness of gait experienced with the Paso Fino breed. The Paso Fino exhibits this quality from birth, with foals only hours old performing the perfect four beat rhythm the breed is noted for. Paso Fino horses come in all sizes, shapes and colors. They can be found as tall as 16 hands and as small as 13. The body styles vary from stocky to streamlined. All colors are found except the Appaloosa pattern. The breed is noted for it's agility, intelligence and hardiness. They come from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Columbia and Venezuela as the original countries. For many generations the Paso Fino was a Latin breed.

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