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Best Friend English Bareback Pads Adult

Bareback Pad One of the best bareback pads on the market-a real luxury. No slipping, great comfort and made from the people who care. Now in two...

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Breyer Traditional Lil Ricky Rocker Appaloosa 1435

Breyer Horses Lil Ricky Rocker Appaloosa Champion You are not seeing spots! Lil Ricky Rocker is a Appaloosa, which is known for their unique spotted...

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Copper Mouth Dee Snaffle Bit

Copper Mouth Regular Dee Nice heavy weight copper bit to keep your horse salivating, and his mouth soft in your hands. Sizes: 4 3/4, 5 , 5 1/2

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Exselle Horse Halter Pendant

Equestrian Pendant Detailed miniature replica of a Horse Halter in a Gold Plated or Platinum pendant. Comes with a matching chain. All Exselle Horse...

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Grazing Muzzle Deluxe Style by Best Friend

The Best Friend Deluxe Grazing Muzzle is a combination Grazing Muzzle and breakaway halter all-in-one. The design utilizes a plastic side-release...

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Horse Blanket Liner-Polar Fleece

Fleece Horse Blanket Liner Warm and snug polar fleece Horse Blanket liner with two-way stretch. Perfect under stable blankets or turnout blankets....

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TailWrap Fleece Tail Braid The Original Tail Wrap

TailWrap is the only Tail wrap product on the market that guarantees it will stay in (when correct size is properly installed). TailWrap the...

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Tie Safe Cross Tie

Tie Safe Cross Ties the best Cross Tie for Safety Sake Patented Touch Tape Tie Safe design breaks apart under a panic load, but the cross tie isn't...

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Wool Horse Dress Sheet

Dress Sheet This rich Pure Wool Dress Sheet is heavy and absorbent with fleece at the neck. Comes with a tail cord and a nylon closure at the chest....

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