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Horse Tack

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Girths English and Western Cinch Halter Tube and Martingale Sets Horse Tack and Stirrup Leathers
Horse Training Aids Leather Care and Horse Tack Saddle Accessories
Tack Carry Bags and Covers

General Information

Horse Tack is a general category which includes any horse riding equipment that is used to train, ride, control or restrain a horse or pony. It can be made of leather, nylon, cotton or any other material that is suitable. Horse Tack such as saddles, bridles, reins,halters, lead shanks, protective boots and wraps, breast plates, martingales, girths, stirrup leathers, cruppers, dee ring savers and bit loops are some of the items that would be called tack. Equestrian International carries several quality levels of tack to suit all the requirements of the horse industry. In general the more you pay for leather goods the better the product will be. Equestrian International searches for leather products that provide value and safety. Dollar for dollar we believe these products to be the best available. In addition to leather products we also carry nylon halters, leads, lunge lines, cross ties, trailer ties. Equestrian International has all the tack at the price and quality you want.

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