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Horse Prints & Equestrian Art

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Limited Edition and open Prints by some of the best Equestrian artists. Art, being a universal language has recorded the history of the horse since the first known sculpting. The Marcus Aurelius Monument was the result of an anonymous sculptor and is the most complete statue from early Romans. Marcus Aurelius is mounted correctly on a horse well into the bit. Horse art marches on through High Renaissance of the early 15th and 16th century. Baroque, Bourgeouis Baroque and on to the Revolutionary Period which was about 1750 to 1830 but continues its influence until today. Romanticism followed and affected all forms of art. British Equestrian Art sometimes is held as a group that specialized in sports objects and had a rather stiff appearance. In the late 18th and early 19th century the Equestrian paintings evolved from the military to the sport horse. We have all looked at and enjoyed these horse paintings, horse prints and engravings, even if we did not know their origins. This of course is the point of horse art.

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