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Horse Grooming Equipment

Horse Grooming Equipment
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General Information

Groom Your Horse, Brushes to hoof picks. Horse Tack International is the source.

Horse grooming supplies. Grooming horses not only allows you to show off the beauty of your horse but gives you the opportunity to oversee your horses well being. It is important to look for problems while grooming horses. Things like cuts and sores that you would miss if you did not attend to these maintenance duties on a daily basis. Picking up each hoof to check for thrush or other hoof ailments such as white lines disease. These problems can easily be caught while applying a hoof conditioner. Brushing and combing manes and tails keeps burrs and other debris off your horse that can become so entangled that you will have to cut hair to resolve the problem if not done on a regular basis. Just being around your horse allows you to observe his fitness. This will give you time to adjust his feed or worm when needed.

Horse Tack International stocks a number of horse brushes in different sizes and types. Mud brushed to finishing brushes. We have the right stuff to keep your horse groomed well.

Braiding equipment to make braiding horse manes and tails look their best.

Horse Clippers by top brand names and at great prices.

Grooming tote bags to keep your grooming supplies organized and ready to be on the go.

Featured Products
TailWrap Fleece Tail Braid The Original Tail WrapTailWrap is the only Tail wrap product on the market that guarantees it will stay in (when correct size is properly inst...

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