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Horse Bits - Eng -Western

copper roller eggbutt snaffle bit
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General Information

English Bits and Western Bits, Horse Bits for all Types Horse Riding.

Deciding which Horse Bit is correct for your horse can be confusing. In spite of the fact that Horse Tack International offers well over 1200 horse bits including styles and sizes, we make every effort to demystify the selection process. With each bit, is a clear, brief description including the specifications of the individual bit as well as characteristics of that bit category.

In general horse bits fall into three categories. Snaffle bits, Curb Bits and Hackamore Bits. Horse tack International offers bits in all three of these categories as well as gag bits in both English and Western styles. In addition we also stock a complete line Carriage Driving and Miniature Horse bits. We offer bits from several manufacturers that produce exceptionally high quality while maintaining prices that any horse enthusiast can afford.

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