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English Riding Apparel

Engish riding shirt
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English Riding and Show Apparel

In a Horse Show certain standards should be followed. You need to dress appropriately for the competition. Dressing properly shows your showmanship as well as your respect for the sport and the judge. It also makes you feel more confident. When you look good and know it, you will ride with more confidence. When you are confident, you can focus on riding your best. You need to know the rules of the association you compete in. Show rules will define the required dress code. Selecting the appropriate fashion requires some know how to avoid a faux pas. Some show apparel can be expensive, but winning looks can be found that are affordable.

Hunt Seat competition has a conservative uniform with narrow fashion requirements. You want to look as if you belong. Do not stand out! Some very talented riders can go with trendy fashion looks, but unless your skills are up to scrutiny, go with a more conservative statement. Attention to detail is so important. Be neat, clean, and conservative. Pay attention to your gloves, stock pins, hair net or show bow, etc. It's the pretty picture that counts.

Hunt Coats are tailored for riding and are made of wool blends or stretch fabrics. They have three buttons and are double vented so they fit over the cantle of your saddle. Navy blue is the most traditional color, but dark grays and browns are also popular.

Your show shirt should have long sleeves with a smooth, tapered fit and a choker collar. White or blue are always safe, although you can wear various pastels, checks, or pin stripes.

Choose Black Field Boots that are cleaned and polished. Leather gloves and an approved riding helmet.

To complete your show ready look you may use a stock pin or have your choker monogrammed; it's your choice. Hair nets or show bows keep your hair tucked up underneath your helmet.

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