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Traditional Breyer Horses and Breyer Tack

Breyer horses are a major part of the Equestrian International Internet store. The Breyer Gallery is offered in resin, porcelain and bronze. Find special runs from the United States Equestrian Team Foundation and film stars.

Collecting Breyer models is a family affair. They can be just toys, but also have collector's value, some are worth thousands of dollars! The history of Breyer horses is so interesting that a number of books have been printed describing the trail that Breyer rode. You will also find many books describing each Breyer horse, the year of manufacture and its value. These books are a good place to start if you wish to find the value of your collection. There are many ways to collect Breyer model horses. Some people focus on particular models, specific horse breeds, favorite colors or special editions. The point is to collect the  models that you love. Breyer is renowned worldwide for its attention to detail, realism and the authenticity of its Breyer model horses and animals.

We stock every new Breyer Horse offering, shop our on line tack store for new and retired  Horses. Find all your Traditional Breyer, Stablemates and retired Breyer horses at Horse Tack International.

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Breyer Traditional Lil Ricky Rocker Appaloosa 1435Breyer Horses Lil Ricky Rocker Appaloosa Champion You are not seeing spots! Lil Ricky Rocker is a Appaloosa, which is ...

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