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Polo Wraps

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Products Description

Polo Wraps

Soft, stretchy fleece Polo Wraps in great colors that go directly on the horse's legs to protect them while riding or lunging. Polo Wraps provide some support! Horse size. Select your favorite color!  Set of 4.

Color Choice: Black, Green, White, Blue, Maroon, Yellow, Teal, Red, Navy, Purple, Grey, Hunter Green and Hot Pink


Polo wraps are made of a soft short nap knit fleece material that is stretchy. It will provide some support and warmth to your horses leg while lunging or riding. However, is mostly used to protect from bumps and scrapes. 

If used for turn out, it is a good idea to tape the wrap so the will not slide down. Do not turn out horses in Polo wraps when conditions are wet or muddy.

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